Stanislaw ‘Stan Wys’ WYSOCKI

Stanislaw ‘Stan Wys’ WYSOCKI
1949, Belarus/Poland

Name Stanislaw ‘Stan Wys’ WYSOCKI
Birth 1949, Belarus
Lived & Active In Poland

Stanisław Wysocki 'Stan Wys' Born 1949 in Ełk.

He studied at PWSSP in Poznan in the years 1978-80. Later, from 1981 till 1986 he studied at Hochschule der Künste in West Berlin (prof. J.H.Lonas) at which school he aquired his diploma in sculpting.
During this studies he completed an internship at the famous statue foundry "Herman NOACK Bildgieserei", where he met many famous artists including Henry Moore. That meeting and cooperation yelded his later stay in Moore's studio in Pery Green near London in 1990 and participation in a sculpting workshop.
His work in NOACK and meeting with Moore enriched Wys with a different, realistic view of art and substantially broadened his academic education.
Wys lives nowadays in Wrocław, Poland.
He participated in the scores of both individual and joint exhibitions held in Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Italy, England, France and Turkey.


Figurkomposition by Stanislaw ‘Stan Wys’ WYSOCKI

Figurkomposition (1990)

Price SEK 6,401 (€691)
Estimated SEK 3,000
Figurkomposition by Stanislaw ‘Stan Wys’ WYSOCKI

Figurkomposition (2008)

Price SEK 18,500 (€1,970)
Estimated SEK 10,000
Kvinnotorso by Stanislaw ‘Stan Wys’ WYSOCKI

Kvinnotorso (2002)

Price SEK 6,200 (€695)
Estimated SEK 4,000
Stående Figur by Stanislaw ‘Stan Wys’ WYSOCKI

Stående Figur (2009)

Price SEK 5,400 (€606)
Estimated SEK 4,000
Untitled by Stanislaw ‘Stan Wys’ WYSOCKI

Untitled (2007)

Price SEK 7,400 (€900)
Estimated SEK 4,000
Skulptur by Stanislaw ‘Stan Wys’ WYSOCKI

Skulptur (2006)

Price SEK 7,200 (€788)
Estimated SEK 4,000
Kvinnofigur by Stanislaw ‘Stan Wys’ WYSOCKI

Kvinnofigur (2009)

Price SEK 4,000 (€454)
Estimated SEK 3,000
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