1871–1947, Finland

Birth 1871
Died 1947
Landscape With Pine Trees by Väinö BLOMSTEDT

Landscape With Pine Trees

Price EUR 1,917 Incl. buyer's premium
Estimated EUR 2,000–3,000
View From Southern France by Väinö BLOMSTEDT

View From Southern France (1921)

Price EUR 1,200
Estimated EUR 1,200–1,500
Boats In The Harbour Of Helsinki by Väinö BLOMSTEDT

Boats In The Harbour Of Helsinki

Price EUR 4,200
Estimated EUR 3,000–4,000
Late Fall At Sea by Väinö BLOMSTEDT

Late Fall At Sea

Price EUR 5,300
Estimated EUR 2,500–3,000
Koskimaisema Noormarkusta by Väinö BLOMSTEDT

Koskimaisema Noormarkusta (1910)

Price EUR 0 Not sold
Estimated EUR 6,000–8,000
Evening At River Thames by Väinö BLOMSTEDT

Evening At River Thames

Price EUR 1,600
Estimated EUR 1,500
Vårblom by Väinö BLOMSTEDT


Price EUR 2,400
Estimated EUR 1,500–1,800
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