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1929, Russia

Name Vladimir GALATSKY
Birth 1929, Russia
Lived & Active In From 1975, Sweden

Was born in Moscow, Russia.
Professional trainging obtained at the Surikov Art School.
Graduated from the Polygraphy College in Moscow.(the Art Department)
1950-1962 worked for the
Belyutin Art Studio. Professionally engaged in painting, graphics, and book design.
1961 participated in the famous
Exibit in Maniez (Riding-hall) in Moscow. It was closed with scandal by Khruschev.
Since 1975 lives and works in Sweden. During this tiime has taken part in over 40 solo and group shows.


Hus by Vladimir GALATSKY

Hus (-82)

Price SEK 1,150 (€131)
Estimated SEK 1,500
Romantiserande Par by Vladimir GALATSKY

Romantiserande Par (-85)

Price SEK 5,000 (€565)
Estimated SEK 2,000
Komposition Med Man by Vladimir GALATSKY

Komposition Med Man

Price SEK 1,300 (€158)
Estimated SEK 1,500
Figurkomposition by Vladimir GALATSKY

Figurkomposition (1983)

Price SEK 4,000 (€410)
Estimated SEK 1,500