1940, Russia/England/France

Also known as: YK

Name Yuri KUPER
Birth 1940, Russia

Yuri Kuper, CV:

1957-63 : Studies at the Moscow Art Academy

1967 : Becomes a member of the Artist Union in the USSR

1972 : Emigrates to Israel, then settles in London

1973 : Scholarship of the Yaddo Artist Colony in Saratoga Springs, USA

1974 : Publishes a novel in New York, Focus Sacres a Moscou

1975 : Settles in Paris

1983 : Becomes a British citizen
Since then, he ahs exhibited worlwide and is considered as one of the most talented and recognised russian born artist of his generation.

Source: http://www.operagallery.com/artist/KUPER_168;0;0.aspx