Albrecht DÜRER

Albrecht DÜRER
1471–1528, Germany

Also known as: AD

Name Albrecht DÜRER
Birth 1471, 21/5, Germany
Died 1528, 6/4

Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528)
Albrecht Dürer was the son of Hungarian goldsmith who moved to Nuremberg. He began his artistic education in his father’s workshop and later learned with Michael Wohlgemut. After he had finished his education, he travelled for four years probably in the direction of the Netherlands. He lead his own workshop since 1497, where he trained several artists that are counted today amongst the most important ones of their time. Dürer himself focused on woodcuts and etchings. He also travelled to Italy twice (1495/96 and 1505/07): the sojourns influenced him deeply. Back in Nuremberg, he received many commissions and became one of the city’s most influential citizens. The painter travelled again to the Netherlands in 1520/21. Today, Dürer is not only recorded for his prints and paintings, but also for his art historical and mathematical writings that classify him as a great humanist and scholar.