1896–1987, France

Also known as: AM

Name André MASSON
Birth 1896, France
Died 1987, France

The painter and graphic artist André Masson was born in Balagny, a village on Ile de France in 1896. In 1904 Masson moved to Brussels where he attended the academy of fine arts. In 1912 André Masson went to Paris. There Masson was admitted to the Paul Baudoin studio at the \'Ecole National Superieure des Beaux-Arts\'. When the war broke out, Masson became a soldier. In 1917 he was severely injured and spent several months in an army hospital. In 1922 André Masson returned to Paris, where his art was influenced by André Derrain and Cubism. A little later he met the Surrealist artists and subsequently joined the movement in 1924. In 1925 the first surrealist exhibition took place in the Pierre gallery, including some of Masson\'s works. In protest against Breton\'s authoritarian claim to leadership Masson left the group five years later. Surrealism gave Masson access to the irrational and the psychological roots of art. With the help of \'écriture automatique\', an automatic script, which is derived from the subconscious, Masson tried to explore the depths of the irrational and the psychological roots of art. Hence Masson followed this method and went on to develop his famous sand pictures made of glue and different colored sands. His focus on lines and the free decription of shapes in his graphic works reflect his study of eastern Asian calligraphy. In his swinging lines, drawn in a trance-like state or ecstatically agitated script, Masson often captured wild and cruel visions. Most of the time an orderly Cubist structure can still be found behind the spontaneity and the passionate emotions of the pictures. From 1942, when Masson fled to the USA before the Nazi occupation of France, he painted fragmented figures and figures of terror. Up until the sixties he remained pre-occupied with these motifs. In 1945 Masson returned to Paris. He broke with Surrealism once and for all. Masson\'s versatile œuvre also includes illustrations of books and stage designs. In 1966 Masson produced a ceiling painting for the Parisian Théatre Odéon. In spite of the fact that , particularly in the USA, he is celebrated as the inspiration of Abstract Expressionism, Masson\'s work remained object-related throughout. Masson\'s desire was turn his own vision into reality and \"not to photograph the event of the day\". Died in Paris in 1987.


L’escalier De L’être by André MASSON

L’escalier De L’être (Executed in 1969)

Price SEK 420,000 (€42,861)
Estimated SEK 300,000–500,000
Les Adieux Du Guerrier by André MASSON

Les Adieux Du Guerrier (1976)

Price SEK 150,000 (€15,308)
Estimated SEK 150,000–200,000
Chute Du Reveur, 1973 by André MASSON

Chute Du Reveur, 1973 (1973)

Price EUR 0 Not sold
Estimated EUR 50,000–60,000
Soleil Levant Au Dessus D'un Torrent by André MASSON

Soleil Levant Au Dessus D'un Torrent (Executed in 1949)

Price SEK 400,000 (€44,200)
Estimated SEK 400,000–500,000
Crâne Sans Loi by André MASSON

Crâne Sans Loi (1937)

Price EUR 9,500
Estimated EUR 3,000–4,000
Sur Les Traces Des Oiseaux by André MASSON

Sur Les Traces Des Oiseaux (-59)

Price SEK 46,000 (€5,359)
Estimated SEK 40,000–50,000
Composition by André MASSON


Price SEK 3,000 (€327)
Estimated SEK 4,000–5,000
Komposition by André MASSON


Price SEK 1,600 (€172)
Estimated SEK 2,000
Fruits Dévorateurs by André MASSON

Fruits Dévorateurs (Executed 1975)

Price SEK 2,200 (€220)
Estimated SEK 2,000–3,000
Komposition by André MASSON


Price SEK 3,000 (€293)
Estimated SEK 1,500

La Baigneuse

Price SEK 16,000 (€1,570)
Estimated SEK 18,000–20,000
Komposition Figurer by André MASSON

Komposition Figurer

Price SEK 2,200 (€210)
Estimated SEK 1,500
Les Poissoniers Fantômes by André MASSON

Les Poissoniers Fantômes

Price SEK 1,000 (€89)
Estimated SEK 2,000
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