Charles Paul GRUPPE

1860–1940, Canada/USA

Name Charles Paul GRUPPE
Birth 1860, Canada
Died 1940
Lived & Active In Holland, America

Best known for his landscape and marine paintings, Charles Paul Gruppe was born in Canada and lived from 1860-1940. Having spent the majority of his time working in Holland, it was here that he honed his skills in coloration and draftsmanship which later resulted in him being elected to the Pulchre. Having spent over 20 years in Holland, Gruppe became a celebrity in large part due to the resemblance people saw in his work with the Dutch School of painting. Eventually returning to America as a painter and art dealer/broker, Gruppe's works are displayed in museums throughout America and Europe.


Beach Scene, Holland by Charles Paul GRUPPE

Beach Scene, Holland

Price USD 3,250 (€2,487)
Estimated USD 3,000–5,000
Holländskt Landskap by Charles Paul GRUPPE

Holländskt Landskap

Price SEK 15,500 (€1,747) Not sold
Estimated SEK 8,000
Shepherd And Sheep In A Lane by Charles Paul GRUPPE

Shepherd And Sheep In A Lane

Price USD 748 (€557)
Estimated USD 1,200–1,500
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