1963, Armenia

Birth 1963, Armenia

Gevorg Yeghiazarian was born in Gyumri, Armenia in 1963. He studied at the Panos Terlemezian Art School and Fine Arts Institute in Yerevan, and the St.Petersburg Repin Academy of Art. In 1994 he became a member of "Union of Artists" of Armenia. In 1998 he also became a member of the International Association of Arts (UNESCO). In 2006 Gevorg won Tekeyan prize for his "Split Life" painting. Presently he lives and works in Yerevan. The shadow of the ever-watchful wild soul transforms permanently looking at the fading messages of life in eternal silence. I cherish the dream of creating as a prayer state and the mystery of cognition as freedom of wisdom. Under the reign of subjectivism a new boundary of one's freedom is born and laid on the pure and mute surface of the canvas. Animating it with splashes of colors is the only way of molding my individuality. Ambiguity is a necessary quality of an artist's inner self. The ghost of the woman brings the ambiguity of a man's feelings down to earth later to kindle his dream of the unreal and the intangible. May this very minute be blessed with the touch of beauty and greet the solemnity of instants to come. Gevorg This artist's works combine his sensitive inner world with the surrounding reality; hence moody and melancholic paintings which reveal the artist's meditations. His paintings are marked with poetic lyricism, and the uncertain boundary between the real and the imaginary. His work is unique, characterized by self-isolation and a concentration of thoughts and emotions. There is an independence of light and color which is dominated by contrasts of space and substance, rest and strain and transparency and opaqueness of colors. The result is an expression of enchantment, mystery and the eternal.

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Collective Exhibitions
1987-1992 Armenian Art
1992 Armenian Modern Art
1993 Armenian Colors
1994 Armenian Famous Artists (Drouot ? Richelieu)
1994 Contemporary Art
1996 Armenian Art
1997 Post-Soviet Painting (Borges Center)
1997 Armenian Art (Varoujan Art Center, A.G.B.U.
Demirjian Center)
1998 Russian Impressionism, Principle Gallery
1998 Modern Art
2000 International ARTEXPO
2001 International ARTEXPO
2001 Armenian Modern Art

One man exhibition
1995 International Art Center
1996 Artist's House
1997 Donkersloot Art Gallery
1998 Cultural Hall Of First Armenian Church
1999 Wentworth Gallery
2000 Wentworth Gallery
2001 Wentworth Gallery
2001 Wentworth Gallery
2002 Wentworth Gallery
2007 Wentworth Gallery Washington
2008 Wentworth Gallery Washington


Figurkomposition by Gevorg YEGHIAZARYAN

Figurkomposition (-93)

Price SEK 2,000 (€226)
Estimated SEK 3,000
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