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1920–2003, Sweden

Name John, Welam WIERTH
Birth 1920, Sweden
Died 2003, Sweden

John Wierth studied with Isaac Grünewald and Otte Sköld in Stockholm. He undertook study tours in England, France, Spain, Yugoslavia and North Africa. In Paris he studied at the Académie Libre and Grande Chaumiér. He was the grandson of August Strindberg\\\'s sister.
Represented: Modern Museum in Stockholm, the National Museum in Stockholm, and in museums around the country.

John Wierth studerade för Isaac Grünewald och Otte Sköld i Stockholm. Han företog studieresor i England, Frankrike, Spanien, Jugoslavien och Nordafrika. I Paris studerade han vid Académie Libre och Grande Chaumiér. Han var barnbarn till August Strindbergs syster.

Moderna Muséet i Stockholm, Nationalmuseum i Stockholm, samt på muséer runt om i landet.

Ateljébordet by John WIERTH


Price SEK 1,600 (€186)
Estimated SEK 1,500
Oviss Horisont Ii by John WIERTH

Oviss Horisont Ii

Price SEK 1,200 (€132)
Estimated SEK 1,500
Sista Sommarbadet Ii by John WIERTH

Sista Sommarbadet Ii

Price SEK 400 (€45)
Estimated SEK 1,500
Ljusinbrytning by John WIERTH


Price SEK 700 (€78)
Estimated SEK 1,200
Skärgårdsmotiv by John WIERTH


Price SEK 1,150 (€124)
Estimated SEK 1,000