(1885-1930), Bulgaria/France
  • Name: PASCIN, Jules
  • Born: 1885, Vidin, Bulgaria
  • Died: 1930, Paris, France
  • Live/Active: Paris / New York
Jules Pascin was born in 1885 in Vidin, Bulgaria. His name was Julius Mordecai Pincas and he was the eighth of eleven children of a Spanish Sephardic Jew and his Serbian-Italian wife. He was raised in Bucharest, Romania. He attended art schools in Vienna and Munich and traveled to Berlin and Paris. From 1905 to 1929, he worked as a satirical cartoonist for a Munich weekly. From 1914 to 1920 he lived in America.
Returned to Paris, and from there, traveled throughout Europe and North Africa.
1930, Suffering depression and alcoholism, he committed suicide on the eve of a prestigious solo show by slitting his wrists and hanging himself in his studio in Montmartre.
Source: ArtSignatureDictionary
Title Medium Date Size (cm) Price
Le peintre et s...
Oil on panel/board201545x37€ 0, Not soldPicture
Les Mulets
Oil on canvas201551x43€ 14,975Picture
Interieur d'une...
Watercolour201514x19€ 3,220Picture
Marcelle assise
Oil on canvas201581x65€ 33,150Picture
Erotikon. Bruss...
Graphic201442x32€ 3,445Picture
Oil on panel/board201461x50€ 0, Not soldPicture
Watercolour201444x61€ 1,766Picture
Två kvinnor
Watercolour201232x49€ 950Picture
Watercolour201232x49€ 500Picture
Interiör med fl...
Ink drawing201245x54€ 0, Not soldPicture
Hommage Venus
Mixed media201133x44€ 1,047Picture
Signature by: PASCIN, Jules 1909
Signature by: PASCIN, Jules 1920's
Signature by: PASCIN, Jules 1925
Signature by: PASCIN, Jules 1926
Signature by: PASCIN, Jules
Signature by: PASCIN, Jules
Signature by: PASCIN, Jules
Signature by: PASCIN, Jules
Signature by: PASCIN, Jules