1932, Norway/Sweden

Also known as: KS

Birth 1932, 6/8, Norway

Kjartan Slettemark was born on August 6, 1932 on the farm Slettemark in Naustdal, Sunnfjord, in Norway, the youngest of four children.

Before his final year of elementary school, he celebrated his 13th birthday just as the atom bomb exploded over Hiroshima.

College in Førde.

Norwegian Telecom operator course in Lillehammer. Worked in Otta and completed his military service with the German Brigade in Regensburg. Study tour to Rome.

Worked in Oslo. Evening studies at the Klemetsrud Malerskole.

Statens Håndverks- og Kunstindustriskole in Oslo.

Admitted to the National Academy of Art under Reidar Aulie, but moved to Stockholm after a few weeks.

Gerlesborgsskolan in Stockholm.

Guest student at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm.

Interrupted his studies under Lennart Rodhe and moved out to studios on Skeppsholmen with Erland Melanton as his teacher.

Participated in exhibitions in Lidköping, Karlstad, Halmstad, Spånga and Norrtälje.

JUNE UKS Spring Exhibition in Oslo.
Refused by the Autumn Exhibition.
Took part in protest exhibition of refused artists.
Course in plastic techniques at the Hantverksinstitutet. His first experiments with the material.
Won a competition for the decoration of a monumental window in the Hallstahammar City Hall. The plastic window was installed in 1966.

MAY The assemblage “No. I 1965” exhibited as “Picture of the Month” in the UKS showcase in front of the House of Parliament in Oslo.
JULY The Vietnam picture exhibited in the showcase.
AUG The Vietnam picture was attacked with an axe and received police protection. Later stoned in Stavanger.
First separate exhibition at the Woodstock Gallery, London.
Started teaching at Grundskolan för Konstnärlig Utbildning, Stockholm. Fired in 1968 due to refusal to assess pupils according to a standard distribution curve.
SEPT Exhibition in Västervik with K G Nilsson.
OCT Exhibition in Värnamo with Inga Bagge.
DEC Participated in “14 Unge” in Stavanger, Oslo and Trondheim.

Became a Swedish citizen.
FEB Exhibited with “Ung Generation -66”.
JULY Exhibition at Limhamn Konstförening with Jan Håfström.
SEPT Exhibition at Liljevalchs, “Contemporary Swedish Sculpture”.
DEC Exhibition at Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.
“Nordic Youth Biennale”.
Exhibition at Galleri Mini, Stockholm.

MARCH Exhibition at Galleri 66, Stockholm.
MAY Exhibition at Svensk-Franska Konstgalleriet, Stockholm. “City images”.
JUNE UKS Spring Exhibition.
SEPT Happening in front of Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo. Norway’s first ever!
Happening in Bredäng Public Library, Stockholm.
Two assistants.
Moderna Museet, Stockholm.
DEC Galleri Observatorium, Stockholm. His second separate exhibition is a total environment, which he inhabits together with Robert Jäppinen. Two plasticising performances, “Symfoni Realista Nr. I og II”.

MARCH “A Plastic Opera with Fried Eggs”. Happening with Robert Jäppinen at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, during a three-day presentation of international underground avant-garde, “Bombay Free School”.
“Symfoni Realista Nr III - diamanten Hué”. Happening with Robert at an art festival at the Dipoli University, Finland.
APRIL Happening with Robert at the Department of Art History at Stockholm University, assisted by five students.
MAY Action at the annual ceremony of the Royal Academy of Art, Stockholm, 13 assistants.
JUNE Anti-militaristic action in Norrtälje, 7 assistants.
JULY Action with Robert against the World Church Meeting in Uppsala.
AUG “Soot sausage with shrapnel mustard and plastic ketchup”. Took over a blown-up hot-dog stand.
SEPT Galleri Observatorium, solo exhib. “600 White-and-Black Police Hallucinations in Colour”. Multi-media exhibition.
OCT Diagnosed as “mentally insane” by a socio-psychiatrist, prescribed a jar of Hibernal and offered a room at a psychiatric clinic.
DEC Galleri Café Mejan, solo exhibition. “600 White-and-Black Police Hallucinations…”

MARCH Skånska Konstmuseum, Lund. “Underground”. Plasticising of audience.
APRIL Charlottenborg, Copenhagen. “Nordisk kunst”. “Hibernal splatter” - plasticising of clothes with Robert.
Founded “Högpartiet” (The High Party) which stood for election to Parliament in 1970.
Diagnosed as a “borderline case” by the social security office psychiatrist.
JUNE “Lesson in the Art of Falling”. Performance where Kjartan walks the tightrope in a Stockholm park.
AUG Film show at Uppsala University.
DEC Observatorium, solo exhibition. “Kjartan’s Mental Unhealth - A Borderline Case”.

JAN Squatted in Moderna Museet, Stockholm.
AUG Bogesund prison. Interned for two months. Continuously arranges exhibitions in his barracks - “Radhusrätten”.
NOV Observatorium, solo exhibition. “Million Art - Social Rehabilitation”.

JAN Krognoshuset, Lund, solo exhibition. “The Art of Falling”. Squatted the premises.
FEB Film show at Moderna Museet, Stockholm.
JUNE Nixon posters.
AUG Galleri Aquarius, Honningsvåg, solo exhibition. The exhibition was stolen.
OCT Galleri Cheap Thrills, Helsinki.
DEC Galleri Sen Nin, Stockholm, solo exhibition. “A Thousand and One Nixons”.

MAY Action with Nixon posters at Labour Day demonstrations in Stockholm. Eight assistants.
JUNE Published “Nixon Head Catalogue”.
AUG Exhibition at NWT Galleriet, Karlstad, together with Robert.
NOV Exhibition at Göteborgs Konstmuseum. “A Thousand and One Nixons” and “Faces old and new”. Performance at the opening in a white dress.

FEB UKS, Oslo. “Nixon Visions”.
MARCH Norrköpings Konstmuseum, solo exhibition. “Nixon visions”.
May Club 7, Oslo, solo exhibition. “Nixon Visions”.

FEB Exhibition of “Nixon Visions” in Umeå. Jan Horne started on his film about Kjartan. First version censured by NRK. Second version shown in 1978.
MARCH Arbetets Galleri, Malmö, solo exhibition. “Nixon Visions”. Graphic Triennale at Liljevalchs, Stockholm. Passport with Nixon photo issued and stamped. Performance as fisherman at the International Art Fair in Basel. Later performed at Grafikhuset, Stockholm, and Linds Konsthall, Lund, with Sture Johannesson.
JULY Passport is exhibited in the press. Sweden’s six mayor daily papers had the passport photo on the front page.

FEB Poodle performance at Liljevalchs, Stockholm. Submitted himself as a work of art to the Spring Exhibition.
MARCH Poodle performance at Sture Johannesson’s exhibition at Galleri Legèr, Malmö. Poodle performance at inauguration of Malmö Konsthall. Poodle performance at Høvikodden Kunstsenter, Oslo.
JUNE Poodle performance at the International Art Fair in Basel.
AUG Poodle performance at Liljevalchs during one of Olle Granath’s tours of the Moderna Museet collection.
SEPT Kjartan opened his own “Galleri Konst”. The first exhibition was STOP-KONST, KONST-STOP”. Video.
DEC Poodle performance at the French Embassy in New York. “The Art of Wagging the Tail”.

JAN Poodle performance at the inauguration of the artist’s magazine “Picture Newspaper” in New York.
FEB Galleri Konst. “Transvisions”. Exhibited Picture Newspaper. Polaroids.
JUNE Kalvöya festival, Oslo. Posters.
Renamed his gallery “Moderata Museet”.
Nov Moderata Museet. Poster exhibition.
DEC Moderata Museet. “Konstitoriet” (Delicartessen). Until March 1977.

FEB “Nixon Visions” and the passport included in the one-year tour of an exhibition arranged by the collective Gruppa Ljunej in Yugoslavia.
MAR Moderata Museet closed until October after fascist activists smashed windows with stones.
FEB Spring Exhibition, Liljevalchs. “Kotteriet”.
Video performance with Annie Hamburger.
SEPT Autumn Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo. Vietnam picture and passport.
MAY Moderna Museet, Stockholm. “Children and Video”.
JUNE Kulturhuset, Stockholm. “Norwegian 70s - Tendencies”. Kjartan’s contribution was “A Tutanchbomanic Cultural Excavation” (alluding to the conservative party leader G Bohman). Food, pinecones, video and polaroids.
JULY Førdehuset, Norway. “Children and Video”.
FEB Fotogalleriet, Oslo. Polaroids.
Gallerit, Stockholm. Passport and IDIOT-cards.
MAY Norrköpings Konstmuseum, solo exhib. “LOOK I SEE”. Video - Polaroids.
AUG Monumental ornamentation for Høyanger Rådhus consisting of 25 laminated Polaroid prints.
OCT Autumn Exhibition, Oslo. Video - Polaroids.
NOV Kunstakademiet, Oslo. Guest lecturer in video art.
FEB Studio Teatro Galleria, the Culture Palace, Warsaw, solo exhibition. Polaroids.
JULY The Norwegian people donated the Vietnam picture to Nationalgalleriet, Oslo.
JAN Folkets Hus, Årsta. Group exhibition.
JULY Television programme on a Swedish national channel: Fantasiöppet TV2, Ivideohuvet på en konstnär – Individeohead.
DEC Galleri Café Vära, Oslo, solo exhibition.
JUNE Dagen i Hagen, Oslo, an outdoor event.
NOV Stockholm International Video Art Festival, Kulturhuset, Stockholm.
Representative of historical and contemporary video art.
Live ART video performance, “Chroma-key Identity Blue”.
FEB Stockholm Independent Art Fair.
Flower art sculptures.
“Garbage Fashion Show”.
MARCH Galleri Helium, Paris. Installation with flower art and art video show.
MARCH Hotel Rex Art. Performance, Garbage Fashion Show, Art en March.
MAY Toulouse. Exhibition and performance, Art Garbage Fashion Show.
JULY Sola Art International Festival, Norway.
Exhibition at Sola Strand.
Art Platform. Performance, “Art and Garbage Fashion Show”.
AUG Kongeparken, Stavanger, Norway. Creative project for children.
SEP Stockholm Mobile, Clothes as characterisation, group exhibition.
SEP PS1 Event, Augustendal, Stockholm. Performance, “Garbage Fashion”.
MARCH Galleri Fenix, Örebro. Solo exhibition, garbage collage, flower art sculptures. Video workshop.
APRIL Art Garbage Fashion Show. Skärholmen Cultural Committee and Business Association.
MAY Sola Vidaregåede Skola, Norway. Retrospective, creative work with children.
OCT Performance, “Konsten går” (Art Goes), Inauguration of Art Week, Örebro.
OCT Performance, “Art Spraying”, Örebro Länsmuseum.
DEC Galleri Engström, Stockholm. Solo exhibition, flower art, garbage collage, sculptures, video installation.
FEB Exit Stockholm, live video performance.
MARCH Galleri F15, Norway. Video festival, live video performannnce, art video.
APRIL Galleri S:t Olof, Norrköping. Solo exhibition, flower art, garbage collage, sculptures.
MAY Fylkesgalleriet, Förde, Norway. Solo exhibition. Flower art, garbage collage, video, sculpture, Helicopter-Performance.
MAY Awarded the City of Stockholm Honorary Prize for his artistic oeuvre.
JUNE Kellerman Art collection. Dress in art, works by nine artists.
DEC Konsthögskolan, Stockholm. Art-88. Gestalt performance.

APRIL Uppsala University. Live Video Performance, Art Spraying.
MAY Galleri Sveger, Glasnost Segerkonst (Victory Art). group exhibition.
JUNE Sandvikens kulturfestival. Performance, “Art Spraying”.
AUG Vadköpings Örebro konsthall. Installation, “Videoandakt” (Video Eucharist).
OCT Sveagalleriet, Stockholm. “Utsökta kroppar” (Exquisite Bodies). group exhibition.
JAN Drammens Kunstforening, Oslo, Norway. Solo exhib. Vacuum icons.
FEB Wasahallen, Stockholm. Black Light Performance.
MARCH Muu ryy Galleri, Helsinki. Solo video exhib.
Galleri Mallander, Helsinki. Solo exhibition. Retrospective.
MARCH Galleri Sveger, Stockholm. Solo exhib. paintingss and objects.
JUNE Smålands Konstarkiv. Joint exhib. “Utsökta kroppar” (Exquisite Bodies).
OCT Cultural seminar, Förde, Norway. Exhib. at Fylkesgalleriet.
MARCH Galleri Furst & Sörensen, Oslo, Norway. Retrospective and new art. Camille Colette Konst.
MAY Trondhjems Kunstforening, Norway. Joint exhib.
TMW Festival, Trondheim, Norway. Performance.
JUNE Trondelags Kunstnerscenter, Trondheim, Norway. Solo exhib.
JUNE The Allende Museum, Santiago, Chile. Swedish protest art to Chile.
OCT Midsommargården, Stockholm. AGY, Hägersten Art Society. Joint exhib.
DEC Gallery VYY, Stockholm. Rotating Christmas smorgasbords.
JAN-FEB Galleri Plaisiren, Hässelby Palace. Artists living around Mariatorget in Stockholm.
FEB Östersund. Seminar at the art college.
Salon Municipal de Exposiciones, Montevideo, Uruguay. Retrospective solo exhibition.
MAY Trondhjems Kunstforening, Norway. Joint exhib. of the Museum’s collections.
NOV Guest on Aschberg chat-show. Performance Landstingskubism (County Council Cubism).
MARCH Stockholm International Art Fair. Galleri M, daily video performance.
Main Greenhouse, Rosendal botanical gardens, Stockholm. Dennispaketet går upp i rök (The Dennis Traffic Scheme Goes Up in Smoke). Joint exhib.
MAR-APR Galleri M, Stockholm. Solo exhib.
NOV-JAN Teatergalleriet, Uppsala Theatre. Solo exhibition.
NOV Andalusiska hunden, Stockholm. Kjartan’s sculptures, photos by Diana Duhalde.
DEC Konstreservatet S:t Erik. Joint exhib. Opening performance.
MAY Galleri M, Stockholm. Joint exhib.
Mejeriet, Naustdal, Norway. Solo exhib. Retrospective performance, “Art Spraying”.
Tivoli, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm. Exhibition.
JUNE Haugesund, Sogn och fjordane. Purchased artworks in small retrospective exhibition. Performance, Art Spraying.
NOV The Dept. of Botany, Stockholm University. Inauguration of artistic decoration in the glass cabinet purchased by the National Public Art Council.
DEC Galleri Mocca, Göteborg. Solo exhib. sculptures.
MARCH Stockholm International Art Fair, Galleri M, One Man Show, sculptures, graphic works.
JUNE Galleri c/o, Oslo. Solo exhibition, sculptures.
AUG Galleri Tomarps Gård, Kristianstad. Solo exhibition, sculptures, graphic art.
JUNE Millesgården, Stockholm. Solo exhibition of vacuum icons, graphic art, outdoor installation, “Garden of Eden of Sweden”.
JULY Millesgården, Stockholm. Performance, “Kjärringa med staven”, (The Hag with the Staff).
SEP Bergen University. Performance, “Kjärringa med staven” ((The Hag with the Staff).
SEP Galleri s.e., Bergen, Norway. Solo exhibition, sculptures, vacuum icons, graphic art.
NOV Galleri Agneta Kallur, Stockholm. Solo exhibition, sculptures.
DEC Sandnes Kunstforening. Solo exhibition.
FEB Presentation of a sculptural installation, ”Sentralborddamerne og Kjartan” (The Central Switchboard Ladies and Kjartan), at the Telenor head office in Oslo. Purchased by Telenor, Oslo.
FEB Inauguration of the sculpture “Den lilla harpan” (The Little Harp) in the Norwegian House of Parliament, Oslo. Performance, Harp Art, together with Arne Nordheim and Norwegian MPs.
Drammen Kunstforening, Solo exhibition, vacuum icons, graphic art, “Kjärringa med staven” performance.
JULY Fylkesgalleriet i Sogn och Fordane, Förde, Norway. Solo exhibition, sculptures, cacuum icons, graphic art, “Kjärringa med staven” performance.
SEP Galleri 54, Gothenburg. Solo exhibition, sculptures, “Kjärringa med staven” performance.
FEB “Come Closer”, ’90s Art from Scandinavia and its Predecessors, group exhibition shown at Liechtensteinische Staatliche Kunstsammlung in Vaduz, Nicolaj Museum in Copenhagen and the Ludwig Museum in Budapest.
MARCH “Hjärtat sitter till vänster” (The Heart is to the Left), group exhibition of Swedish art 1964-1974, Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Luleå Konsthall, Uppsala Konstmuseum and Södertälje Konsthall
APRIL The Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital in Stockholm. Scultural installation, “Världspremiär” (World Premier), purchased by Stockholm County Council.
JULY Bodö Kunstforening. Solo exhibition. Art from the ’80s and ’90s. “Kjärringa med staven” performance.
SEP Stavanger Kunstforening, Stavanger. Solo exhibition, sculptures, ”Kjärringa med staven” performance.
SEP Stockholm Cultural Capital 1998. “No One’s Dog”, Moderna Museet.
OCT Stockholm Arkipelag, Nordiska Museet. “Swedish Mess”.
NOV Tim Galleria, Sofias Skafferi, Stockholm. Solo exhibition.
DEC Södertälje Konsthall. ”Juldyrkarna” (The Christmas Worshippers). Group exhibition, sculptures.
MARCH Galleri Christian Dam, Oslo. Solo exhibition, sculptures.
JUNE Haugar, Vestfolds Kunstmuseum, Tönsberg. Retrospective exhibition.
NOV “Diáspora”, Oviedo, Spain, International Art Meeting. Sculpture installation at Campo Amor, and chess performance on the Cathedral Plaza.
JUNE Uppsala International Contemporary Art Biennial. “Kjärringa med staven” performance.
SEP Sunfjord Kunstlag, Förde. 25th anniversary, group exhibition. “Digitalisman” performance.
Autumn exhibition 200, Bergens Kunstmuseum. Sculptural installation, “Digitalisman” performance.
JAN Stockholm International Antiques Fair, Sculptural installation, “Digitalisman” performance.
FEB Sandefjord Kunstforening. group exhibition.
MARCH Bahnhof Stockholm. “Digitalisman” performance in connection with the inauguration of Bahnhof’s IT server hall.
MAY Eikaasgalleriet, Jölster. “Till bords” (At Table), group exhibition.
JUNE European Conference on Art and Politics, Hotel Bristol, Oslo. “Digitalisman” performance.
SEP Skulpturens Hus, Stockholm. Sculptural installation. group exhibition.
JAN Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, Tönsberg, Norge ” Bodies ” solo show
SEP Steninge Slott, Märsta, Stockholm, retrospective exhibition with Odd Nerdrum
DEC Trans-Art, Trondheim, Norge ”bodies” solo show ”Helt om konst” performance
MAY Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, Tönsberg, Norge, retrospective solo show
on-going until may 2006
MARCH Trondheims Kunstmuseum,Norge retrospective solo show
MAY Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Moderna by night, performance ”Kjartanistan”
och ”Digitalisman”
Rydöbruks Konstnärsby, Halland, ”4 kanter” group exhibition
performance ”Digitalisman”
JULY Sogn og Fjordarne Kunstmuseum, Förde, Norge, retrospective solo show
NOV Haninge Konsthall, Stockholm, ”Attityd” group exhibition
performance ”Marilyn”
DEC Candyland, Stockholm, performance “Usch Bush”
FEB Norrtälje Konsthall, Norrtälje, “Attityd” group exhibition
performance ”Marilyn”
APRIL Norrköpings Konstmuseum, Norrköping, performance “Digitalisman”
MAY Candy Tour, Stockholm, performance ”Videobehandling
SEP Vevring, Norge, group exhibition, performance ”Digitalisman goes

FEB Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, ”Mini-Market”
Stockholm Art Fair, Galerie Bel´Art
MAY Galerie Bel´Art, Stockholm, group exhibition
JUNE Hå Prästegård, Jären, Norge retrospective solo show, performance
”Digitalisman goes Medicinman”
AUG Festivalutställare Steinker Jazzfestival,Norge performance ”Digitalisman
goes Medicinman”
Ålesund Kunstförening Ålesund, Norge, retrospective solo show
performance ”Digitalisman goes Medicinman”
SEP Bomuldsfabriken Arendal Norge, retrospective solo show
OKT Jubileumsutställare Konstnärsklubben Stockholm
Norska Kyrkan Stockholm, group exhibition
NOV Sollentuna Konsthall, Sollentuna ”Attityd” (Attitude) group exhibition

Source: http://www.kjartan.st

Kjartan Slettemark, denne norsk/svenske konstnär, blev känd för sin politiska konst under 1960- och 1970-talen. Han var sedan 1950-talet främst bosatt och verksam i Stockholm.
Slettemark utbildades vid Statens håndverks- og kunstindustriskole i Oslo samt vid Gerleborgsskolan och Konsthögskolan i Stockholm. Framför allt var han verksam med konceptkonst, videokonst samt med konst inom ramen för happenings men också med mer eller mindre traditionellt stafflimåleri, ofta i akryl. Ett av Slettemarks många konstprojekt var mikronationen Kjartanistan, en icke-territoriell stat som utfärdade egna pass och där han själv var statsminister.1965 visade han vietnambilder i en monter utanför det norska Stortinget och blev med detta en omstridd och kontroversiell person i Norge.
Redan på Konsthögskolan framstod han som en av de främsta kritikerna av den klassiska modernismens akademism och sedan mitten på 60-talet har han varit den nordiska konstnär som mest av alla har levt upp till William Burroughs postmoderna tes INGENTING ÄR SANT, ALLTING ÄR MÖJLIGT.
Kjartan Slettemark var en konstnär som i stor grad arbetade med identiteter, särskilt sin egen. När Malmö Konsthall invigdes 1975 dök Slettemark upp som en skällande pudel i syfte att visa hur konstnärer ofta låter sig bli knähundar. Den pudelkostym, som Slettemark då använde finns numera i Moderna museets i Stockholm samlingar.
Vägledd av grundsatsen att man kan inte lära känna sig själv innan man gjort sig själv har han kastat sig ut i hisnande projekt där han alltid satsade sin egen identitet för att genomborra andras. Den person som han utsatte för den mest fatala förvandlingen var USA s president Richard Nixon. Internationellt sett är hans mest kända verk Nixon-passet som han fick utfärdat av svenska myndigheter efter Watergate 1974. Passet såldes på Stockholms Auktionsverks Moderna i november 2006.
När president Nixon ramlat ner från sin piedestal kände Kjartan att de båda var lika fallna och bestämde sig för att ta Nixons identitet och låta sig stigmatiseras. Han själv såg detta som ett sätt att sudda ut gränsen mellan konsten och livet.

Source: Stockholms Auktionsverk, Stockholm Sweden