Mstislav Valerianovich DOBUZHINSKY
1875–1957, Russia/USA

Also known as: MD, Dobuzinski, Dobuzinskij, Dobuzhinsky

Name Mstislav Valerianovich DOBUZHINSKY
Birth 1875, Russia
Died 1957, USA

Prominent member of the World of Art, and one of the greatest Russian draughtsmen, Dobouzhinsky was born in Novgorod and studied drawing at the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts in St. Petersburg (1885-7). Two years later, he left for Munich in order to study privately in the studios of Anton Azbé and Simon Hollósy. Taught drawing at the Imperial Academy (1913-24) and in numerous other schools in St. Petersburg, Kaunas and Vitebsk; amongst his pupils was Marc Chagall, who then invited him to come and teach in Vitebsk. In 1924, Dobouzhinsky left Russia for Lithuania, eventually settling in Paris, London and New York where he died. Dobouzhinsky worked primarily for the theatre but also as a book illustrator and oil painter.