1891–1977, Russia

Also known as: ISSA, Isaiev, Isaev

Name Nikolai Alexandrovich ISSAIEV
Birth 1891
Died 1977
Boats by Nikolai ISSAIEV


Price EUR 1,017
Estimated EUR 1,000–1,500
église Chatenay by Nikolai ISSAIEV

église Chatenay (1923)

Price SEK 5,000 (€520)
Estimated SEK 8,000–10,000
La Femme Aux Malefices by Nikolai ISSAIEV

La Femme Aux Malefices

Price SEK 4,600 (€423)
Estimated SEK 5,000–6,000
Stilleben Med Plommon Och Kanna by Nikolai ISSAIEV

Stilleben Med Plommon Och Kanna

Price SEK 18,000 (€1,636)
Estimated SEK 20,000–25,000
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