Sandro CHIA
1946, Italy

Name Sandro CHIA
Birth 1946, 20/4, Italy

Sandro Chia studies at the Istituto d’Arte and then at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, gaining his diploma in 1969. After graduating, he travels extensively in India, Turkey and throughout Europe before settling in Rome in 1970.

During the 1970’s he exhibits many times in Rome and Europe, gradually transitioning away from the conceptual field of work toward a more figurative style of painting. Between September 1980 and August 1981 he obtains a scholarship from the city of Monchengladbach in Germany where he moves to work for a year. The following year he is in New York, where he will remain for over two decades, with frequent trips back to Ronciglione first and then Montalcino subsequently.

He has been part of the Italian “Transavanguardia” movement, exhibiting in many of the most important museums and galleries of the world. He has exhibited at the Biennale of Paris and San Paolo and numerous times at the Venice Biennale. His work has been part of various prestigious group shows in some of the most important museums of the world. Amongst his most important personal shows are exhibitions at the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam (1983), the Metropolitan Museum of New York (1984), the National Galerie of Berlin (1984, 1992), the Museum of Modern Art of Paris (1984); the museums of Dusseldorf (1984), Antwerp (1989), Mexico City (1989); Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence (1991); the museums of Karlsruhe (1992), Palm Springs (1993), Villa Medici in Rome (1995); Palazzo Reale in Milan (1997), the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Florida (1997), the Galleria Civica of Siena (1997), the Galleria Civica in Trento (2000), the Museo d’Arte of Ravenna (2000); Palazzo Pitti and the Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Florence (2002); and most recently the Duomo of St. Agostino in Pietrasanta (2005).

In 2003, the Italian State acquired three important works of his for the permanent collection of the Italian Senate at Palazzo Madama, and in 2005 two monumental sculptures were acquired by the Province of Rome and placed in front of its headquarters in Via IV Novembre, Rome.

Today he lives between Miami, Rome and his Castello Romitorio wine-making estate in Montalcino, where he also follows the production of prestigious wines, amongst which the world-famous Brunello wine.


Sandro Chia, italiensk målare och skulptör. Utbildad vid Accademia di Belle Arte i Florens. Chia var en frontfigur inom det italienska figurativa måleriet. Han tillhörde Transvanguardia-rörelsen,som stod för en mytologisk konceptuell konst. På 1980-talet bedömdes han som nyexpressionist, medan hans nuvarande arbeten har utvecklats till ett slags expressionistisk klassicismen. Han använder vibrerande, färgade, slingrande penseldrag, som påminner om de dynamiska italienska futuristerna. Samtidigt visar han släktskap med de gåtfulla allegorierna från 1600-talet. Chia lånar ganska fritt från konsthistoriens föregångare. Fastän han använder sig av den klassiska ikonografin, så omtolkar han och uppdaterar mytologin på sitt sätt.


Uomo Ispirato by Sandro CHIA

Uomo Ispirato (-84)

Price USD 25,000 (€22,369) Incl. buyer's premium
Estimated USD 18,000–25,000
Pittore Con Orsi by Sandro CHIA

Pittore Con Orsi (-86)

Price GBP 0 (€0) Not sold
Estimated GBP 40,000–60,000
Senza Titolo by Sandro CHIA

Senza Titolo

Price EUR 700
Estimated EUR 750–850
Figurscen by Sandro CHIA


Price SEK 6,600 (€750)
Estimated SEK 10,000
Figura by Sandro CHIA

Figura (1987)

Price EUR 15,000
Untitled by Sandro CHIA

Untitled (1990)

Price EUR 18,000
Water Bearer by Sandro CHIA

Water Bearer

Price SEK 8,000 (€924)
Estimated SEK 12,000
Seated Figure by Sandro CHIA

Seated Figure (-81)

Price SEK 0 (€0) Not sold
Estimated SEK 4,000
Topo by Sandro CHIA


Price SEK 1,600 (€195)
Estimated SEK 2,000
Prova Di Colore (nero) Figurkomposition by Sandro CHIA

Prova Di Colore (nero) Figurkomposition (-84)

Price SEK 1,075 (€131)
Estimated SEK 5,000
Father And Son by Sandro CHIA

Father And Son (-85)

Price SEK 2,600 (€293)
Estimated SEK 3,000
Two Persons In A Landscape With Temple by Sandro CHIA

Two Persons In A Landscape With Temple (1985)

Price SEK 2,000 (€209)
Estimated SEK 3,000–4,000
Bacchus by Sandro CHIA


Price SEK 28,000 (€2,912)
Estimated SEK 30,000–40,000
Children's Holiday by Sandro CHIA

Children's Holiday (1984)

Price SEK 16,000 (€1,570)
Estimated SEK 15,000–18,000
Utan Titel by Sandro CHIA

Utan Titel

Price SEK 28,000 (€2,617)
Estimated SEK 20,000–25,000
Två Vinkande Figurer by Sandro CHIA

Två Vinkande Figurer

Price SEK 3,700 (€394)
Estimated SEK 5,000
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